Warrior God Kongo by Stark Art

#MillionVoiceMonke | EN/日本語
Variety Streamer: Gamer/Artist/Singer/Bartender

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2,500 years ago there existed a tribe of monkeys that existed on Earth, the most famous of which was Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King. Lesser known is his cousin, Kongo Musha, a warrior who loved to sing & drink while playing pranks on the gods with his cousin. One day, while stealing a feather from a phoenix, Kongo & Wukong were both captured.While Wukong's story is well known and he was imprisoned under a mountain, Kongo's story went untold until recently. Escaping from his heavenly jail cell sometime in the 1980's he stole a belt of armor from the prison guards and made his way back to Earth. He kept a low profile amongst the mortals, transforming his love of drinking into a skill mixing drinks to get by.Despite his daring escape from his imprisonment, he was unable to break the bonds completely off of him that the gods ensnared him with and wears them with pride and as a fashion statement.Now he streams a wide variety of games, sings karaoke, and mixes drinks for livestreams and videos.


  • Age: Over 2500

  • Height: 6'9"*

  • Weight: 226斤*

  • Birthday: December 14

  • Zodiac: Sagittarius

  • Blood Type: B+

*Height & weight are variable as he can change size at will.

Warrior God Kongo by Stark Art

trademark items

  • Phoenix feather earring: Feather stolen from a phoenix while he lived among the gods.

  • 三節棍の変身 (sansetsukon no henshin): A transforming three piece staff, similar to Wukong's Jingu Bang that can not only change in size, but also shape to become his microphone for singing.

  • 鎧ドライバー (Yoroi Driver): Another stolen item of the gods, this sentient belt can transform into a suit of armor when he needs it.


  • Million Voice Monkey: While his cousin, Sun Wukong, has 72 unique transformations, Kongo is said to have a million different voices he can speak with.

  • Size Manipulation: Similar to Wukong, Kongo can change his height and weight whenever he chooses.


Kongō's design and illustration was handled by by Critical HIT Productions.


Live2D rigging was done by Mimi. Contact her on Twitter for commission info and pricing.


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